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Perfectly balanced with nature.

ONPOINT Madarao is a warm & cozy, sustainable driven, boutique hotel nestled in a small private woodland, located within close proximity of Madarao Kogen ski resort.

The outstanding natural beauty of Madarao has been carefully drawn into all corners of the hotel, offering a rustic yet modern relaxation experience any time of the year.

With spectacular views from any one of our windows, and an almost perfect silence to wake up to each morning, we have put all our energy into creating a place that you will want to share with everyone.

ONPOINT Madarao prides itself in offering you the complete outdoor experience.


Lobby & Bar

We have a large open space lobby & bar area where all of our guests can spend time relaxing in front of our large open fireplace. The fire burns from morning to evening and is perfect for warm evening conversations and classic board games. 

Our bar and craft beer vending machine will be available to all guests (of legal age) and a selection of our drinks is just one coin, ¥500!


The lobby area also has lo-fi beats all day long to create a warm, calm, and inviting atmosphere for all who stay with us. 

Our seating area offers enough space and distance between guests to allow for a comfortable socializing atmosphere at a distance. 



Cinema Room

Looking to get away and find a private space for you and your group during your stay with us, then our Cinema and Karaoke room is perfect for families and friends to have fun in your own personal space.

Our cinema room boasts a 65" 4K ultrawide TV with Dolby Atmos sound and video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. To add to the excitement our room is also equipped with JOYSOUND and DAM karaoke, a PlayStation 4, and an arcade game emulator serving up all of your oldskool classics.



Breakfast & Dining 

Onpoint Madarao's Breakfast and Dining area is a large and spacious room that seats 24 guests on 6 tables. Each table is equally spaced apart to ensure a perfect social distance to enjoy your food comfortably.

A large breakfast and serving counter area is home to free tea, coffee, and soft drinks to enjoy during your stay with us from morning through to early evening. 

The room is also equipped with multiple charging outlets beside each table allowing for a quiet space to use laptops, take calls, and work from during the free operating hours, a perfect place to catch up on any outstanding or last-minute work you might have. 

Equipped with:

  • Free hot drinks and juice

  • Toaster oven

  • Air ionizer and bacteria purifier

  • 6 tables

  • Multiple charging outlets

  • Room heaters


Exhibition Space


We have a second seating area perfect for reading books, drinking warm drinks, and gazing out over the magnificent winter landscapes. 

Our second floor is also home to our exhibition spaces which changes every season. You can see our current exhibition
here by travel photographer Ben Beech.
onpoint_madarao_secondfloor_seating_6 co

Ski Dry Room.


Our ski & snowboard dry room is located on the 1st floor near the main entrance. With enough space to store all of our guest's snow equipment. Our main entrance to the hotel also has racks for drying skis and snowboards. 

Snowshoes are also easily accessible from the main entrance for whenever you would like to hike along the many snow trails on your off days.  Please check our snowshoe adventure page here: 
Snowshoe adventures.



Making a reservation.

If you would like to make a reservation with us during the green season or for our winter 2024/2025 ski season please contact us at the email address below. 
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