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Here is everything you need to know.

Make your holiday to Japan even more enjoyable with "Hands-Free Travel"!

Yamato Transport, together with the Japan Tourism Agency, recommend the "Hands-Free Travel" services. These include parcel delivery and temporary luggage storage, which allow travelers to enjoy sightseeing such as shopping, fine dining and other cultural experiences.

Whether you live in Japan or are traveling as a tourist Yamato Transport has the best service to cover your hands-free travel from one side of Japan to the other. 

Sending your luggage from ONPOINT to your next destination.

Onpoint Madarao has an account with Yamato Transport and we can help to arrange transportation of your luggage to departure airport terminals (international guests) and your home, based in Tokyo or within the greater Tokyo area (residential guests).
  • We can only help arrange the collection of the items.
  • Collection times may vary and are out of our control, but we will try to arrange collection for the same day or the following day.
  • Delivery times may vary. Usually 2-3 days depending on weather conditions.
  • Airport Departure Yamato Transport desks can only hold luggage for a certain period (5-7 days).
  • Collection of luggage items should be carried out in person on departure day. 
  • Onpoint Madarao takes no responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. 
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