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Onpoint Snack Shop

Here is everything you need to know.

In-house snacks


At Onpoint Madarao, we understand the importance of those delightful in-between moments, and that's why we're pleased to present our curated selection of finger foods. Whether you're craving the crunch of chips, the sweetness of biscuits, the richness of chocolates, or the comfort of cup noodles, we have you covered with our daily offerings.

To make your snacking experience seamless, these tempting treats can be conveniently purchased at our check-in counter. Our friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your stay is enjoyable, and we believe these little indulgences will add an extra layer of satisfaction to your time with us.

Thank you for choosing Onpoint Madarao. We look forward to making your stay exceptional.

No Convenience Store, No ATM


While Madarao may not boast an on-site convenience store or ATM, fret not! We've got you covered with a variety of privately owned stores specializing in convenience food and delightful souvenirs.

For your convenience, please refer to the detailed Madarao maps and guides to locate these charming establishments. They offer a local touch to your stay, providing not only essential items but also unique treasures to commemorate your time with us.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to ensuring your Madarao experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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