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Easy access to Onpoint Madarao

Everything you need to know.

Find us here!

Google maps location: ONPOINT MADARAO 


〒389-2261 Niigata, Myoko, Tarumoto, 丙1101-215

Call: +81269670609






From Tokyo Station.

Iiyama is located Northwest of Tokyo in the Nagano Prefecture and accessible directly from Tokyo. Travel time is 1 hour and 50-minute on a comfortable bullet train ride.


Tokyo Station → (Hokuriku Shinkansen) → Iiyama Station Approximately 1 hour and 50-minutes.

Iiyama Station → (Bus) → Yamanoiemae Approximately 20 minutes

Yama no ie mae → (Walk) → Onpoint Madarao Approximately 5 minutes

Yama no ie mae → (Collection) → Onpoint Madarao Approximately 1 minute

Check the shinkansen timetable here

Tokyo to Iiyama Train timetable

Iiyama to Tokyo Train timetable





Iiyama to Madarao by bus

Click to view the bus timetable.


Madarao to Iiyama by bus

Click to view the bus timetable.



Please find all updated access information here at the local Madarao Kogen Resort homepage.





From Tokyo.


Iiyama is located Northwest of Tokyo in the Nagano Prefecture and accessible directly from Tokyo. Travel time by car is approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes.

There are two main popular ways to get to Madarao Kogen area from Tokyo.

Take the Kanetsu Expressway from Nerima IC to Fujioka JCT, and then turn onto the Joshinetsu Expressway and head to the Toyota Iiyama IC exit. From the Toyota Iiyama IC exit traffic lights, head straight ahead on Prefecture Road 96, and after about 5km turn right to go up to Madarao Kogen, which is signposted.

Alternatively, take the Kanetsu Expressway from Nerima IC and continue under the Tanigawadake mountain range into Niigata Prefecture, exiting at the Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC. After exiting the toll booth at Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC, turn right and continue for 1km until reaching the Route 17 traffic lights. Turn left onto Route 17 and after about 600m turn right again onto Route 353 to head towards Tsunan and Nozawa Onsen. After about 18km turn left onto Route 117. After around 43km on Route 117, there is a sign to turn right for Madarao Kogen. From there, follow the signs up to the ski resorts. The journey from Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC to Madarao Kogen is around 73km.

Snow tires & Snow chains.


If you will be driving by car to Madarao and the surrounding areas during the winter ski season we highly recommend a vehicle with 4WD and studless snow tires for best performance driving in the changing winter conditions.

Alternatively, a vehicle with 4WD and metal snow chains is advisable. Rubber snow chains have poor performance and traction on the roads, can become difficult to travel even short distances.

At the very least metal snow chains are a necessity for traveling around Madarao and the local areas from mid-December to the end of the season.


Parking at Onpoint Madarao.


During the winter season, we have 5 parking spaces for our guests. If you will be traveling by car to Onpoint Madarao please check with us beforehand to see if we have parking availability. You will be required to reserve a parking space and will not be able to park your car unattended on the roads. Obstruction of snow clearing of the main roads is dangerous and not permitted. 

If parking spaces are unavailable there are designated parking spots around the local area. 

  • Please park your car as shown in the image above (white cars). 

  • Park at least 1 meter away from the house walls to allow for snow clearing. 

  • Park 1 meter away from the next car beside you for snow-clearing access. 

  • Do not park in any of the areas with a 'No Parking' Sign. These areas are for staff parking and dangerous heavy snowfall areas. 

  • We do ask that any guest traveling by private vehicle make their own way to the ski resort to ensure that we can properly and safely access all areas of our hotel and car parking spaces so that we can clear snow correctly and efficiently. We would really appreciate our guest's cooperation. 

  • If you are walking around the side of the house please be mindful of the danger zones.

By Highway Bus from Tokyo.


There is a direct bus to Madarao Kogen Ski Resort in winter from urban areas (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya etc.) to Nagano Station throughout the year. (Shinjuku-Nagano has a cheapest fare of 1,500 yen)

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