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Onpoint Madarao, is a privately and independently owned boutique hotel.

Here is everything you need to know about the owners.

A seed that grew into branches of opportunities.

Onpoint Madarao came to be, because of a deep-rooted idea and soon to be real project, to move back to the countryside and start a more sustainable lifestyle. 

To leave behind the over-powering and continuous input from the city life that we had been so conveniently attached to for far too long. A chance to balance our lifestyle choices and become freer in our actions to live a more comfortable and mindful life.

We had both called Tokyo home for so many years, but realized a life outside of the city walls might be exactly what we needed to move forward and start a better life together. And that is when "project-freedom" really became a reality. 

To leave a city that we had both loved dearly and called home for so long was an extremely difficult and scary decision to make, but the quality of life and convenience of Tokyo has no comparison to the new life that has been presented to us here, living in nature, and becoming more independent human beings. There is nothing that we would ever change in our decision to start a new life in Madarao, and we are only looking forward to the future and its new possibilities.  

We believe we have created something special here for everyone to experience, but it is just an extension of the outstanding natural beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. Just one weekend away from the city can have such an impactful change on your mind and body, to help you feel more relaxed, calm, and ultimately balanced. 

We hope that everyone can take more time to enjoy the beauty of Japan and its incredible beauty, starting with Onpoint Madarao.  


About Justin.

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, a Renovation Specialist, and a weekend Burger-flipper.
Born and raised in the UK, but now call Japan my home. I have now been living in Japan for the past 13 years and have worked most of my days in Tokyo as a freelance designer contracted to independent design agencies and marketing companies. 

Opening a ski lodge is an idea I have been masterminding for the past 11 years, it finally came to fruition on February 1st, 2020, the day we officially opened our doors as 'Onpoint Madarao' and our first winter. I am very proud to say that it is now a dream come true as there have always been obstacles in the way of making this dream a reality but making a clear decision to leave Tokyo and invest all of my time and energy into this project is how we got to where we are now and it is the best decision I have ever made.

The fantasy of owning a property where I could enjoy the skiing and snow-filled mountains every day has now become so much more than that, evolving with each day that passes and turning into something even more spectacular. Our focus is now more than just the winter as Madarao and the surrounding area boasts more than just skiing and epic powder snow.  

Onpoint has become a relaxing retreat for many guests who have stayed with us throughout the year and has become a healing space for guests to explore the mountains and take a deep breath of nature, finding a balance within so that they can hit the reset button before heading back to the city.


We have been exploring new ways to offer more to our guests and the local community and this summer we opened our Onpoint Burger cafe which has become a huge success with guests and locals alike. 


You just have to visit us one time to feel the warmth of Onpoint Madarao, and like so many of our guests, you will probably be back again.

In the next six months, we have some exciting new plans to unveil to everyone but until then we are looking forward to meeting you all when you visit us. 


onpoint_madarao_kaori_myoko_niigata copy

About Kaori.

I am a creative home chef who loves to make freshly baked goods and spend my time experimenting with local ingredients.
I am from Fukushima but lived in Tokyo for many years where I worked in sales. Moving to Madarao has given me such much confidence to explore my passions for creative cooking but ultimately making people smile. 

After working so many years in sales within a Tokyo office I didn't really know how to take the news when the idea was proposed to me about leaving everything behind and starting something completely new and adventurous. But we have proved that we can do anything we set our minds to and have come so far, hoping to keep moving forward in a positive direction and seeing people leave us with a smile on their faces. 

Moving here has given us both the chance to try new things and pick up old skills that we used to enjoy before our lives in Tokyo. Being able to pursue my passion for baking and cooking is one of the things I enjoy the most, but meeting new people comes very close. I have also had the chance to teach baking workshops here at the hotel for our guests and next year we will be continuing with some new workshops for the green season. 

Moving to Madarao also gave us the opportunity to add to our family and rescue a dog, giving him the same new adventurous life that we both now have. Tito has become a pillar of Onpoint Madarao and has become quite a hit with our guests. We can all enjoy the seasons together on a daily basis and exploration of the local areas is always at the top of our list of things to do. Everything that we find and love, we then share with our guests, because everyone should have the chance to enjoy this incredible place. 

About Tito.

I am a rescue dog from Life-boat rescue center in Chiba. 
I was living there for 3 months before I was adopted by the fam. I moved to Madarao when I was 4 months old and have never looked back!
If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat please visit Life-Boat in Chiba, and help give our friends a new warm family and home. Life-boat

In the wintertime, I spend most of my time prancing around in the snow and sleeping on the sofas in front of the hotel's open fire. I am quite a shy dog and like to get to know people at my own pace, more often than not I will enjoy your company the longer you stay with us, or depending on how many treats you give me. I like to welcome people to the hotel with my loud voice and am always greeted with huge smiles, but when I try to make conversation with people at the hotel no one ever knows what I am trying to say, so I give up eventually and just sleep. 

Snowshoe hiking to Lake Nozomiko from Onpoint Madarao is the best thing to do during your stay with us, I am always ready to show you the way whenever we have time to guide you.

I love all of the seasons here in Madarao and also like going for walks with our guests whatever the weather. A short drive to the beach is my favorite thing to visit so if you travel here by car you should definitely try for yourself, the coastal line of Niigata is fantastic and it is a perfect day out for the family. 



About Juno.

I am a rescue dog from Nasubara in Tochigi prefecture. 
I was living wild with so many other dogs just running the fields and trying to survive!

I was caught in a trap and put up for adoption but now I am living my best days at Onpoint Madaro. 

I am a fun and energetic adventurous girl who cannot get enough of the outdoors whatever the weather. Being outdoors is what I live for and Madarao is the perfect place to be to enjoy all of the fantastic seasons. 

I am quiet and timid and it takes a while to warm up to people, but if you simply ignore me it will pique my curiosity and I will find my way over to you for investigation. More often than not we will become friends.

Whatever the season I can only enjoy myself here in Madarao. From hiking in the summer to snow shoe trails in the winter, Madarao has become my favorite place to live. 





Photographed and written by Ben Beech

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written by Melissa Ge

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