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Keeping our hotel safe for everyone is our main priority.

COVID-19 safety measures at Onpoint Madarao.

COVID-19 and Onpoint Madarao.

From the early days at the end of last season, we made a conscious decision to close our doors and cancel all of our remaining bookings to help fight and stop the spread of the increasing number of COVID-19 infection rates in Japan but to especially stop it from reaching within our local community where many older generations are still operating their businesses.

As months passed and the lockdown was looming over everyone we adapted to the situation and created safety measures that would allow us to function as a business, safely and professionally, and taking into consideration the health and well-being of all of our guests. This allowed us to open our doors once again and give our guests something comforting and positive to look forward to during the uncertain times. 

And it worked! By reducing the maximum number of guests per day, and by only opening on the weekends we were able to offer an experience that gave our guests confidence that they would be able to relax and enjoy the indoors of our hotel and the open outdoors with us. The Onpoint experience. 

In order to achieve this, we set in place a number of safety measures that were required by the government but also safety measures we had created to fit our hotel's environment. 

These measures are still in place today and will be for the foreseeable future. We will continue to keep the safety of our guests the main priority of our hotel and to ensure that everyone follows the safety protocols so that we can all enjoy this experience together. 

We appreciate all of your cooperation during your stay with us and these uneasy times. 

Onpoint Madarao's COVID-19 safety measures.

We urge all of our guests to refrain from visiting bars, night clubs, and crowded venues for at least 7-days before visiting our hotel.

It is very important to us that all of our guests have a safe and comfortable stay with us before, during, and after your visit. Cooperation from all is vital in stopping the spread of COVID19.

We have limited the number of guests to just 16 per day.

Our staff will check their temperatures daily.


Our staff will wash and sanitize their hands regularly.


High contact areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Our dining area has been fitted with an extractor fan and plasma cluster air purifier.

Our dining area tables have been reduced in numbers and are socially distanced.

We can stagger our food serving times for guests upon request. 

We will air-out our guest rooms for at least 24 hours before new guests enter.

Our guest rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

We will send you our COVID-19 questionnaire two days before arrival.


We will contact you the morning of your arrival to check you are well and healthy before traveling.

We will check all guest's ID upon arrival.

We will check your temperature upon arrival.

We have masks, alcohol spray, and sanitizers for guests to use.


Our staff will wear masks at all times.


Our guests must wear masks in communal/social areas.


Our hotel's layout has more than enough space to social distance and for groups to use different spaces.


We can take cashless payments.


Please let us know if there are any other measures we can look at in order to ensure a stress-free and safe visit for our future guests. 


We look forward to sharing the Onpoint experience with you,

Justin & Kaori



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