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Onpoint Madarao, is now part of the GoTo Travel campaign.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is the GoTo Campaign?

The GoTo campaign is a Japanese government subsidy encouraging domestic travel to help boost the Japanese economy. Many hospitality and tourism business owners across the country have been affected by the coronavirus. This campaign aims to bring business back to those local operators and also give travelers the chance to explore Japan and it’s s activities at a discounted rate. During the COVID pandemic, both citizens and businesses have been heavily affected by economic struggles.

How much can you save?

The GoTo campaign offers domestic travelers a 35% OFF discount from their total booking fee and an additional 15% value in digital or physical vouchers to spend within the hotel you are staying in or at participating shops and restaurants within the local prefectural border. 

The campaign is officially set to end on the 31st of January 2021 but negotiations within the government have begun to extend the campaign until May 2021.

What are the vouchers?

In addition to the 35% OFF accommodation expenses, vouchers to the value of 15% of the total cost will be given to guests. These vouchers may be used within a guest’s travel period at a variety of places (restaurants, shops, travel, taxi, etc) within the region, including neighboring prefectures.

※ The value of the vouchers will be rounded up to the nearest ¥1000.

How to book and receive the GoTo discounts.

1. You can contact us directly about your reservation through our contact email address:

2. We will create a quote and a breakdown of your total reservation fee including the 35% GoTo discount and the 15% vouchers. 

3. You will have to provide a photo of a valid ID such as a Zairyu residence card for all foreign nationals living in Japan or a photo ID for Japanese citizens and send it to us via email. 

4. We will require a 20% deposit - which is non-refundable during the winter season - to secure your room and reservation with us. 

5.We will send you the web link to your GoTo campaign vouchers the morning of your check-in date. The vouchers can be redeemed from 15:00 pm on the day of your reservation check-in date. The vouchers will expire at 00:00 am on the day of your check-out date.



with GoTo campaign.

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